Shilpa Bisht

B.Plan., SPA, New Delhi

A/5, 603, Kunal Icon,
Aundh Camp, Pune 411027.
+91 9004237339, 020 27201231
Socio-cultural and development
communication, Illustration,
Filmmaking, Ceramics
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Internship with The Ant
The Action Northeast Trust, Bongaigaon, Assam

I wanted to work in social
communication with an NGO working in a rural area. In the 2 month ‘short’ internship, I discovered the lush northeast, learnt to weave cloth and cook momos!
I didn’t do any ‘social communication’ per se, for that is something The Ant was already doing very well. So, other than identity and stationery, product brochure design, I conducted a workshop on ‘Communication and Creativity’ for the village coordinators... which was absolutely new and exciting. The manifestation of the northeast visual language into a storybook for The Ant was also challenging.