Shiba Sheikh

G.D. Communication Design

Mumbai, Maharashtra


Visual Communication, Design for Health and Education, Illustration, Story telling and Design Research
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Reference book on Malaria for Children
Guide :
Prof. Mandar Rane
Reference book on Malaria for children from 7 yrs and above. The stem of the book is a story, told from a mosquito’s(Sui) point of view. ‘Sui’, the main character unravels how malaria spreads and the key role Anopheles mosquito’s play as agents.

The story is only to help in engaging children. Help make associations , relate with characters & follow a time line, while the essential facts and information to give deeper in-depth understanding of Malaria. The structure is developed such that it can be replicated for all diseases. Hence, in future take the form of a series of books on different diseases.