Sanket Parshuram Patil
B. E. (Mechanical)

203, Manohar Apt., Station Road, Kalwa (w) - Thane - 400 605
+9769 436154
Product innovation,
Appliance design, Lifestyle product design, Automotive styling, Game design, Exploring materials for
design, Toy design, Photography.
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Exploring Aesthetics in Fire
Guide :
Photographer Jai Vora
Objective of the project was to
capture the aesthetics in fire using photography as a medium. During the initial stage of project fire in different mediums, locations, and occasions was shot. Objective was to create a nice visual of fire by composition, color, texture or just the ambience at the locations itself.
In later stage focus was given to explore various shapes in flame. Materials I used involved camphor and basic set-up wire stand & baffles to obstruct the flame after blowing. Final set of images were result of play between shape of flame and negative space around it.