Roshan Lawrence Valder

B.E. (E.C.E.)

c/o Mary Dcunha “Maryknoll” Kaikamba, Kinnikambla post, Mangalore 574151
Furniture design, medical device design, Game design, Lifestyle products
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Softa- Transformable furniture
Guide :
Prof. B. K. Chakravarthy
Most of the population in urban India live in small living spaces. Entire
families live in apartments less than 500 sq ft. and it is increasing difficult for them to accommodate every type of furniture that they need. Transformable furniture can be used in this regard to provide furniture that provides two or more functions when the need arises. The Softa range of furniture is a transformable piece of furniture that can offer a dinning set or a sofa set when required. The product can be transformed by a single person, movable and can be placed in any corner of a room.