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B4/176, BHEL Kailasapuram Towship, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu - 620014
Sound design, Content writing, Book design, Concept Creation, Visualisation, Story boarding, Animation and Game design.
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Amnesia- an Animation film on myths of Childhood
Guide :
Prof. Sumant Rao
Life is a struggle; Half of it, to create an identity and the rest to maintain it.
True value of identity often comes with a purpose. The doer is merely a fiction added to the deed. The short film “Amnesia” is about mythical characters and their identities, created over years by various people and through a range of events.
The lead character suffers a memory loss. Unable to remember his identity, he faces failure in everything. He fails to accomplish the tasks assigned for who he assumed he might be. But his identity is well established that his friends help him with the truth and he fulfils his purpose of existence.