Girija Pravin Likhite

B.F.A. (Applied arts)

203, Jigna Arcade, Plot no.5,
Sec-13, Kopar Khairane,
Navi Mumbai- 400 709
+91 9820862157
Character Design, Concept Art, Story Boarding, Illustration,
Animation, Film Making, Graphic Design, Calligraphy and Photography.
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‘Exploring animation in calligraphy’
with Mr. Achyut Palav

Mr. Achyut Palav’s calligraphy is more like a performing art where letters come to life. Internship gave me an opportunity to learn this art and a chance to explore a lot of other
possibilities through this medium.
My main project was to create
animations based on a Marathi poem written by Achyut Palav himself. It is a beautiful poem that explains the characters of each devnagari letter through various interesting incidents.Through animation I made an effort to bring these letters literally to life.