Girija Pravin Likhite

B.F.A. (Applied arts)

203, Jigna Arcade, Plot no.5, Sec-13, Kopar Khairane, Navi Mumbai- 400 709
+91 9820862157
Character Design, Concept Art, Story Boarding, Illustration,
Animation, Film Making, Graphic Design, Calligraphy and Photography.
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‘Lantern’ Animated short film on fear of death in old age
Guide :
Prof. Shilpa Ranade

Death in whatever form, is painful because separation from kith and kin is sorrowful. We might deny, but each one of us fears death at some point of time in life. More than death, the greater fear is of the departure from the loved ones and their wonderful memories, especially when one knows that his time has come!
Lantern is about an old lady, who bears a resemblance to my
grandmother and her state of mind in her last few days, just after her
realisation of approaching death. It is about her struggle to hold on to her beloved memories of her past life while trying to push away the fear of forthcoming inevitable darkness.