Aaroha DDS 2010
Aniruddha Kadam

B.E. (Information Technology)

B/405, Swapnaghar, Chakala, Tarun Bharat, Andheri East, Mumbai-400099.
User Interface Design, Mobile Experience Design, Information Visualization, Ethnography, Cognitive Psychology in Interaction Design, Graphic Design, Photography
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Ajay Mittal
aniket sarangdhar
Aaroha DDS 2010
Kirti kanitkar
Mandar sarnaik
Priyanka Irle
Ruchuka Mittal
Saurabh Srivastava
Shalini Tripathi
Shashank khanna
Shashwath V
Student project
Summer Project at SuaveDesign, Pune
Guide :
Mr. Sameer Chavan
User Researcher at LG R&D Labs, Seoul

This summer project targeted various interaction design areas starting with conceptualizing a healthcare application for mobile device, which included designing the user task flows and mobile interaction design for touch screen. The IPhone was considered as the mobile platform for the application. Other areas included working on the Information Architecture, Logo Design and UI Design for Simplilearn - an online virtual learning application. Also, logo for an online Chess learning client from Canada was designed as a part of this project.