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Vinay Ahuja
+91 9833146934

BFA, Applied Arts,
College of Arts, Chandigarh

Address : House no. 1676, Pushpak Complex, Sector 49-B, Chandigarh

Interests: HCI, User Experience Design, Tangible Interaction, Mobile Application Design and Game Design
Funtra - an Interactive installation for children
Guide: Prof. Ravi Poovaiah

Nowadays children have lot of means of entertainment, may it be gaming parlours, playing and downloading games online, virtual pets, remote plays, mobile games, etc. These things entertain them a lot, but keep them away from peers, group interactions and physical activities.

This project is an attempt to design an interactive environment for children, through group activities and by providing them with visual, auditory and physical interactions, thus providing them with the feeling of outdoor and make them have fun, learn and play through an interactive installation. This installation consists of five different games and all the games have different inputs and they include one or the other physical interaction. These games are basically for fun, play and help in some learning too.