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Soumya Tiwari
+91 99202 48012

BFA Applied Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.U. Baroda

Address : C- 25, Jindalgarh, JSPL, Patrapalli, Kharsia Road, Raigarh, Chattisgarh

Interests: Typography, Book Design, Crafts, Research, Calligraphy

Design of a Display font in Devanagari
Guide: Prof. G.V. Sreekumar

Aim of this project was to design a display font in Devanagari and learn type design process.

Style of the font was derived from experimental calligraphy, maintaining the uncertainty and spontaneity of calligraphy and fulfilling the requirements of a display font at the same time. Letterforms were created using a pressure cooker cleaner and later transformed into a font. The font has been named ‘IDC Swarna’ as it was designed in the Golden Jubilee year of IIT Bombay. Usage of IDC Swarna is aimed at 72pts onwards. IDC Swarna can be used for book covers, magazine headlines, logos or film titles