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Rasika Madav
+91 9821046790

L.B Hiray College of Architecture, Mumbai

Address : A/15, Veena Vihar, Dahanukar wadi, Kandivli(W), Mumbai 400067

Interests: Design research, User experience design, Usability evaluation, set design

Home Budget application for Touch screen mobile stage 1
Guide: Prof. Anirudha Joshi

In this project I observed how people from different cultural, economical backgrounds do home accounting, what are the most popular methods adopted by families and their benefits?!, with this data I designed an application which will make money management easy and motivating for today’s generation, also help them to get organised.

“Money planner” is a touch screen based application for mobile phone. It can guide user planning his budget as per his spending pattern & future expenses even when he is not taking any extra effort to do accounting for his expenses . Application is also updating him about current market & giving suggestions for the most beneficial deal for spending money.