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Paridhi Gupta
+91 9920851005

B.Des., Fashion & Lifestyle accessory Design NIFT, Bangalore

Address :C-703, G.E. Gardens, LBS road, Kanjur Marg (W), MUMBAI - 400 078

Interests: Visual merchandising, Embedded Interaction Design, Game design

Design awareness aid for high school students in India
Guide: Prof. Ravi Poovaiah

My project aims at giving exposure about the world of design to high school students and their parents & teachers through two diverse mediums. Increased design awareness would gradually boost the design sector on the longer run by producing better designers and a more literate consumer market.

GAME: “Role Playing” will help students have a better understanding about the profession through various activities which they perform, while the element of fun is kept alive. SECTION in NEWSPAPER: “Seeing is believing” A fortnight section called “design zone” can formally communicate various aspects about design.