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Milind Kaduskar
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B.Tech CS, Nirma Institute of Technology, Gujarat

Address : E-1/17 Vikramnagar,DOS Housing Colony, Ahmedabad–3800058

Interests: Web Design, Game design, Mobile application design, Information Architecture Design

A tool for learning the Devanagari Alphabet for Adults
Guide: Prof. Anirudha Joshi

Aao Devanagari Seekhein’ is a tool for adult illiterates to learn the Devanagari Alphabet. This tool is based on a touch screen interface and concentrates on writing, exploration of letterforms and repetition to help adults learn the Devanagari Alphabet.

It comprises of exercises which help the learner in learning to pronounce, read and write a letter. Also, the structured exercises make sure the learner does not forget what has been learnt before, and that at any time, his curiosity and will to learn do not get discouraged.