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Chetan Shastri
+91 9920091384

4 yr. Grad. Diploma,
Exhibition and Spatial Design, NID Gujarat

Address :25/604 East End Apts, Mayur Vihar,Phase1 ext,
Opp: New Ashok Nagar
New Delhi - 96

Interests: Exhibition and Musuem Design, Illustrations, Animation and live action films

A short film on Repressive State Apparatus (15 mins approx.)
Guide: Prof. Raja Mohanty

Elysium is a short (15 mins approx.) experimental fiction film. 'Elysium' means any place or state of perfect happiness; paradise. The film delves into spatial and conceptual models of society and reality.

Two important ideas that the film explores are 'Panopticism' a word coined by Michael Foucault and Plato's Allegory of the Cave. The story weaves around social dilemmas and the human condition. It attempts to tackle controversial questions in a more expressive and engaging manner. It leans towards a dark humor.