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Ameya Naik
+91 9773519760

BE Mechanical Engg,
K. J. Somaiya C.O.E. Mumbai University

Address : 7/Mayuresh C.H.S. Pt No.49, Veer Sawarkar marg, Bhandup (E) Mumbai-400042

Interests: User interaction design, Strategic design, Transportation design

Redesign of User Interaction of Defense System
Guide: Prof. B. K. Chakravarthy
          Mr. Mukesh Bopalkar

(Note: This is a collaborative project between IDC and Larsen & Toubro Ltd. and is governed by Non-Disclosure Agreement rules.)

The crux of the efficiency of defense systems lays in the efficiency of their HMI. The project involved the design of control panel as well as usage ergonomics considering the stressful war related situation.

The system being potential target for enemy attacks the protection of system is of utmost importance. The design thereby also involves a first of its kind mechanism for camouflaging the system.

It aims at developing a foolproof system that can serve the nation for years to come.