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Amey Dhuri
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BE Automobile Engineering, BEC, Bagalkot, Karnatka

Address : 'Annapurna', Row House No-2, Behind Kurtarkar Building, Gogol, Margao, Goa, 403601

Interests: Transportation Design, Product Design, CAD

Design of Bike for youth
Guide: Prof. R. Sandesh

Bikes are not only vehicles for moving from point A to point B, but products that express the owners lifestyle and personality. Aim of this project was to study Indian youth and to understand their aspirations and lifestyle. To analyze the Indian bike segments and target one particular segment within it which is best suited to my user group.

In the process various styling trends followed in India and International bike market were observed, Later analyzing the user group, and their lifestyle some themes were listed which represent my target user. Based on these themes styling options were made considering the styling trends being followed. Finally the task was to prepare a bike concept which reflects the today’s Indian youth