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Abneet Chauhan
+91 9819308571

B.Tech, Mech; DIT Dehradun, UP Tech. University

Address : Aryanagar, Kashipur, (U S nagar) Uttaranchal

Interests: Product styling, CAD rendering, Interface design, Prototype making(clay, POP, PU foam, plastics & metals)

Upscale travel luggage for working women
Guide: Prof. R Sandesh

No need of calling a guy to lift the heavy luggage to put into the Overhead Luggage Bin. The split luggage can be separated from each other by just pressing the button.This hybrid luggage is made of PC plastic & Ballistic Nylon. Hard PC plastic part is included in this way that it protects the things inside these soft bags, and on other hand side it is responsible element for its integrated look.

In this project a long journey is done in the exploration of form, to achieve feminine characteristics, by redefining the design elements of femininity. Moreover, to incorporate Elegance & Sleekness in final product natural entities are taken as an inspiration.