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Abhishek Prasad
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B.Tech.ECE, U.P.Technical University, Lucknow

Address : Bandhu Bhawan, Club Road, Aurangabad – 824101 (Bihar)

Interests: Lifestyle Products, HCI, Product Interaction Design, Transportation Design

Designing Of Combat Vehicle for Army
Guide: Prof. K. Munshi

Security of any country depends upon the efficiency of the army. A better fighting tool in terms of fire power and safety always supports the moral of the Soldier in the stressful warfare related situation.

The Project revolves around the designing of Infantry Combat Vehicle for better safety, better armament, usage ergonomics and styling. This proposed fighting vehicle will be used to carry the soldiers into battle and provide fire support to them. This combat vehicle has been designed with a common platform in mind, multiple war scenarios and Conventional or Urban Warfare. (Note: This is a collaborative between IDC, IIT Bombay and Larsen & Toubro Ltd. Powai, Mumbai. Being a defense sector project, this is governed by Non-Disclosure Agreement Rules).