Industrial Design Center

Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay was established in 1969 in order to bring the relatively new learning program of design to the technical education scenario of the time in India.

It started out as an institute which gave a post graduate diploma (eventually to turn into a degree) in Industrial Design and later branched out into Visual Communication as well. Both programs have been running strong over the years and the student body grows more diverse with undergraduates form different backgrounds joining each year to specialize in Visual Communication or Industrial Design and eventually earning their Master of Design (M.Des) degree after four semesters.

They are expected to complete two projects in their second year as well as one special project that is a research paper which they have to write under faculty guidance. Besides this there is a mandatory industrial training that should be undertaken after the second semester for one month at a design office to get a feel of the professional world.

IDC has a wide reputation in the design world as an institute that has continuously produced talented and professional designer who have established new benchmarks in the industry. They have combined a keen intuitive sense and sharpened design and aesthetic sensibilities to become renowned practitioners in their own fields.