A Product designer is committed to improving the quality of human environment with products that are functional and aesthetic. Correlating technical and ergonomic information with its real human needs creatively is the testing ground for the student. The students interact with industries, institutions and social organisations during their projects to understand, study, analyse and solve various existing problems. The choice and outcome of the final degree projects reflect the student's aspirations to change the Indian product scene.

Students take up projects in the following fields of design at IDC

  • Consumer Products Design
  • Medical Equipment Design
  • Transportation Design
  • Point of Purchase and Branding
  • Lifestyle and Apparel Design
  • Interaction design
  • Educational Products
  • Environmental Design
  • Material Exploration
  • Design of Bamboo and Cane Products
  • Furniture Design

Students undertake three major projects during the second year. The projects start with a month’s summer training in the industry. The next project is basically aimed at learning new skills and gaining new sensibilities towards designing better solutions. This project is followed by a research paper, proposals for which are floated by faculty. The final project is aimed at applying design skills learned.