Shounak Jog
M.Des., Visual Communication
B.F.A Applied Art
Address : B\2 AFI bldg, opp Bombay hospital
new marine lines, Mumbai.
cell: 9820523769, home: 230973980


Concept Art and Visualization of the Mahabharata War

Mahabharata is one of the foremost epics of ancient India . Even today every child knows the heart rending story of the killing of Abhimanyu or the war in general. My project deals with visualizing and illustrating some aspects of the Mahabharata war. The visualisations and concept art for this project will be based on the translations of the Mahabharata written by Ved Vyasa. The final output will be a book on the concept art of

The Mahabharata war. Work on this project is still ongoing.



Documentary film on Dhol players

My P2 is a documentary film based on the lives of three street children who stay opposite the Azaad maidan, on fashion street. This is the story of Gana, Babu and Riyaaz, three friends who play the Nashik Dhol (percussion instrument) to make a living. Their story is set amidst the vibrant and chaotic Ganeshotsav which also is their favourite festival, as it allows them to make lots of money playing dhol. Film coupled with Rotoscopy has been used to execute the film. The duration is 20 minutes





Paper on Manga and Anime

Manga and anime (Japanese animation and comic books) have been big business in Japan and now all over the world. Countries like the US , France , and now India (amongst other countries) has huge fan followings. Manga and Anime have been recognized by Japan as an art form and a potential media of communication. What happens when a media so strong starts to miscommunicate? My special project deals with the effect of Manga and Anime on the psyche of the consumer (viewer). And also on the cult following that it has managed to spawn in Japan.




"SIZE DOES NOT MATTER" Bang studios.

This short claymation was done as a part of a show reel for BANG Animation Studios.

The idea was to convey the message that though it is a very small place, still they are capable of producing high quality work.