Shilpa Singh
M.des. Visual Communication
B.Arch. (B.I.T. Mesra)
Areas of interest: Interaction design, HCI & HHI


A Visual Book

The project was inspired by the wish to be a Kite, looking up into the sky; as in our daily life we are all caught up in our mundane existence, scuttling about like ants with our eyes to the ground. It is a story about a journey of a kite from a paper to a kite to a painting in the city of dreams, Mumbai.

I have developed a visual language to narrate the whole experience from different viewpoints and shown the emotional, psychological and physical changes through out the journey. This also involved revisiting Mumbai through the camera lens and recreating the aura.




Dhaanashray - A planner for Group Farming

The project was aimed at developing a model which can support the small/marginal farmers in the current scenario by organizing them into groups where they will pool and share their resources, create group assets, find new markets and increase productivity.

“Dhaanashray” is an attempt to support this multiplicative model. It is based on the principle that a group inherently has a larger scope of cost optimization and the bargaining power also increases. More so over the credibility of a group is more than an individual. Hence, the tool aims to provide assistance in effectively planning their produce, manage finances and making informed decision in the area of resource planning and accounting.



Messing with Tradition

The project is about explorations into the artistic traditions of the Mithila region. An attempt was made to analyze and re-interpret the intriguing art works made by the women of this region. Conforming to the idea that any art work speaks the artists mind the intention was to analyze what the work speaks to me and how I unfold its lines, forms and symbologies.

This whole new concept of re-interpretation or reverse engineering of an artists perception in a way implies messing with age old traditions and beliefs of the natives of Mithila, but it also gives an outsider perspective on what this art form symbolizes to a section of art enthusiasts. It was amazing to see that for the same set of lines, forms and symbols, the spectrum of interpretations varied. Each one had a different story to tell which indeed messed with the time tested opinion which was tradition.



Human Factors International

My summer training was at Human factors International which is a user centred design company with a mission to improve interaction that people have with computers. I got to interact with HCI professionals and see the design approach taken. My role was to interact with workgroups in different sectors, give a face to each of the groups and create an identity based on attributes they best associate themselves with.