Saudha Kasim
Background : B.Arch ( University of Kerala ) graduated 2003


Children's Storybooks focusing on endangered species.

The aim of the project is to conceptualise and design storybooks for children which had animals on the endangered species list as characters so as to ensure that the need for conservation and the importance of nature was communicated to children at an early age and make them aware of environmental problems.






Video film titled “Mumbai – Ambition and the City”

It was an individual response to the city that was Mumbai and the most upfront quality of the city that confronted one. It was a first-person response to the city and its people and the qualities that made it different from all the other spaces that one had inhabited.




Analysis of Narrative and Story-telling methods in Indian Comic Strips and books.

The paper looked into what made Indian Comics stand out from its counterparts around the world. The ideas and ideologies reflected in Indian comics are unique to its culture and distinguish it from whatever else was being produced by western comic publishers. Character exposition, storylines and narrative structures were examined.





Summer Training was done at CRY for one month during which conceptualization of Alphabet Flash cards for kids was done. The Flash cards were experiments in Typography, with the alphabets suggesting objects beginning with that particular letter and nonsense rhymes incorporating that object were composed at the back of each card.