Samraat Sardesai
M.Des., Visual Communication
B. E. Civil
Address: Vishwas Pundalik Nagar, Alto Betim, Bardez, Goa
Phone: 00 91 832 241 4361
Areas of Interests- Interaction and Interface Design, HCI, Digital Media and Infographics, Photography


Interface Redesign of Existing Mini-ERP Software

Focus is inter-enterprise software company and independent software supplier overall, with nearly 18,000 Clients.

Many industries with manufacturing needs use Focus 6 — but the software itself, with over 1000's individual screens, countless widgets for building tables and entering data, along with hundreds of mystifying icons often invented by developers on the fly — need to be made more accessible.

The Scope of the project consists of understanding the software and redesigning the interface for the software at level of:

Visual Design: graphic treatment of interface elements

Interface Design: design of interface elements to facilitate user interaction with functionality

Information Design: designing the presentation of information to facilitate understanding .



Signage Design for World Heritage Site- Old Goa

Old Goa forms one of the most visited places by the tourist and devotes all over the world throughout the year in Goa . Being one of the world heritage sites, it demands to cater the need of the people for proper navigation system.

At present the variability in content and placement of signs and symbols in the present signage systems creates difficulties for tourist using these systems. Frequently, he is bombarded with many different signs—some with complicated or unclear information— which he must decipher at critical decision points during the trip. Misleading or ambiguous information can misdirect user using the systems.

Thus this project aims at catering the needs of all the tourist and devotees for easier and enjoyable navigation within the site.

The focus of the project is to find “best practices" in the use of effective signs and symbols for their facilities so they can have a good experience through out their journey.







At Synapse Goa

Synapse is a pioneering ‘Information Agency' that partners with clients to help overcome their business challenges through the intelligent use of information-based initiatives.

Here I got an opportunity where in I worked with other designers to create Book layout design, creating infographic style for the same book.