Sahal Merchant
M. Des. Visual Communication
B.F.A Applied Art, Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art


The Bench An Animated Short.

A film which deals with the lives of people in the city and the space that they interact in. Primarily done in 2D, but parts of the film will be done in various media such as pencil, Flash & 3D. Project is still in progress.




Ekolyo An animated short

The animation is based on a short story by a Goan writer, Vasant Bhagwant Sawant. The story was adapted and modified to suit the medium of animation. The narrative is dialogue led and local nuances have been built in to flavor the language. Character & background designs were a result of re-search & drawn and photographed references collected and shot in Goa during the pre-production.

The film is of a duration of 5 min. Backgrounds have been hand drawn and painted on Photoshop. The final animation will be done on Animo.





Comics/Cartoons To Convey Complex Ideas And Thoughts

This re-search project dealt with the study of cartoons and comics and attempts to understand its origins and the early usage of the medium to convey complex ideas and thought that could not generally be conveyed. It also looks at the emerging trend of comics in India and they way it is/will affect the way we look and perceive them.




Blue Due SFX Studio

Managed and run by special effects wizard Biju D, working with Blue Dew was a learning experience. From storyboarding complex special effects sequences to supervising shoot schedules it was fantastic and eye-opening experience for someone ignorant about the film making process and the amount of time spent on planning and executing a single effect shot. Primarily working on the effects of an upcoming Bollywood SFX film, my training included conceptualizing, storyboarding, 3D scene planning and on location supervision.