Priti Thankar
M.des. Visual communication
B.F.A (Applied Arts)
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Designing E-mail interface for Elderly


The project aims at designing a mailing system for the senior citizens.

Most senior citizens live in dispersed families and feel the need to communicate with their children, grand children and friends. They do not understand the current emailing interfaces. Thus emerges the need for a good mailing system that will suit the needs of the elderly.




Interactive Device for Poultry farm

To design an interactive device for a poultry farm that will help in controlling the environment inside the poultry farm, better management of resources, recording of important data, and aid in decision-making. The device is a wall mounted device that will be present in all the sheds of a poultry farm The stylus has been used to input data instead of the conventional keyboard, for ease of use.

The primary user of this system is the poultry manager who is not familiar with the computer. The aim was to make the interface user friendly and intuitive. It was designed in the regional language that will be easily understood by the user. ‘Inverted pyramid‘ approach has been used in structuring of information. The most frequently used information is made easily available The device also provides some useful feature like oxygen low alert, disease alert, reminders that will prevent losses.



Survival of street toys in the world of branded toys.

Today the toy market is flooded with several interesting branded toys like Funshool, playmate, Fisher price, Hotwheels. Why are street toys still surviving in this world of branded toys? What is so special about the street toys that attract every childs attention?

I met some toy makers and sellers, studied the manufacturing and selling process. Opinions of the kids and parents were sought Most of the street toys are very interesting because they are hand made, so every piece is different. They are different from the toys found in the toy shops. Some of these street toys can only be sold effectively on streets.. Selling these toys (magical toys) requires special selling skills that cannot be adopted by a shopkeeper. Though simple, they have the ability to bring a smile on the face of a child. Thus in spite of modern branded toys, street toys will always continue to charm kids because of their uniqueness and beauty.



Cordys, Hyderabad .

The task involved designing icons for cordys integrator. Cordys Integrator provides application developers and independent software vendors with a platform for rapid collaborative application development based on Web Services. The icon design process comprised of three stages ideation, drawing and testing.

Ideation -The first stage was to come up with a number of overall ideas for the icon design. Various ideas were explored. Aim was to capture the true meaning in its simplest form. Each icon was made to look distinct in order to avoid confusion.

Drawing - The second step involved creating the icons in Microangelo. Different styles were explored. Testing - The icons were tested for the recognition of form.