Peter Joseph
M.des. Visual communication
B. Arch
Address : Karingattil Puthen Veedu,
Thumpamon P.O, Pathanamthitta Dist- Kerala.
Phone: 0473-4266812, 09841033380, 09447066812


The Weeping Sculpture – An animated Short film

The film's about the memories of a sculpture as to how it came into being. The film is an experimentation with mixed media and also toys with generating a unique visual language. The project is still in progress.



Chathiyan Chandu - An animated short film

The project was focused on developing a film that is based within our culture and heritage. Towards achieving this a lot of research was done on tracing out folk stories, legends etc… Eventually I selected a folk song which describes the deeds of two legendary warriors from Kerala and decided to work towards converting it into a film. Further research which consisted of collecting literature and visual material was then carried out. Information on the culture,“Kalarippayattu” – the martial art of Kerala, paintings and sculpture forms of south India proved to be sources of great inspiration. Basing my source of inspiration on these elements helped me in my attempt to achieve a total deviation from the existing styles and to come up with something original in terms of stylization of the movie.



New Platforms for Animation and its impact on Technique

Ever since the start of computers being applied in the field of animation it revolutionized the way the animation industry functioned.The introduction of technology into the field of animation evoked mixed responses and gave birth to the propagation of myths and facts at the same time. A lot of opinions formed then have stuck on till date without the grounds on which the statements were formed being analyzed or reviewed. The project consisted of two phases. The first was to document the impact of technology on the field of animation and collect, analyze various milestone short films and also to prepare a timeline documenting the development of new techniques and their application in films.

The second phase was to study the Indian animation industry by interviewing industry personnel and find out how technology has changed the way animation was done, the current trends in the industry and make projections based on the inferences.



Jadoo Works, Banglore.

The one summer training at Jadoo Works gave me a good idea on how an animation studio functioned. I also got to spend time in various departments like pre-production, modeling, texturing, rigging and animation. There were various assignments that I was made to do that also helped me in building my skill sets and exposed me to working in a studio environment.