Nishant Ghadge
M.des. Visual communication
B.E. Computer science ( Mumbai University )
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An AIDS awareness short film

An AIDS awareness short film portraying the fear and misconceptions related with AIDS victims, and the outlook of people towards them and their family. The film tries to show the quest of an old woman's life after the death of her son with AIDS. The film uses animation as a medium to take out the specificness of the case of the old woman and make it abstract and universal in a sense, that everyone could relate to.

The project is an attempt to use sketching as a style to animate and bring out the essence of a sketch to the film. The whole film would be a blend of different types of sketching; right from very detailed sketch to very rough sketch, animated to real sound recorded during interviews.



An animated short film on “wholeness of being”

We all grow up with this notion that we need to be perfect in almost everything that we do or have or want or live for…for being successful, being loved by our loved ones, being able to pass every test that comes our way, being able to be in the good books of the almighty, being able to stand in front of your own conscious self… may be the list is endless. This notion also brings with it disappointments and guilt when we fail to do so. The film tries to give the message that “You don't have to be perfect” and accept what you are. Try and live this moment, coz that is what life is…

The project gave me an opportunity to explore the pre-production as well as the production processes. The film was entirely made ( i.e modeled and rendered) with Maya. The project was a wonderful experince. And above all it helped me become a better human being!



Overlap in SE and ID

Software Engineering and Interaction Design, both strive towards developing useful and usable computing systems. There are boundary objects and boundary methods that fall into both the fields but are known with different connotations. The aim of the project is to find the overlap (if existing) in the two fields and to suggest inputs for course of Interaction Design in IDC, IIT Bombay. The two approaches studied for the project include; one of “ Usability & Software Architecture” by Bonnie John and Len Bass from Carnegie Mellon University and the other of Constantine and Lockwood's “Usage-centered Design”.

The project concluded with a workshop organised at IDC, IITB with professional's and practioner's from the industry from both the feilds of Software Engineering and Interaction Design. Case-studies by the participants were of immense importance to the project as these case-studies helped in conformation of our study done during the project.



Behind the Scenes “Shriyut Gangadhar Tipre” and “Hasa Chakatfu”

The summer training on the sets of “Shriyut Gangadhar Tipre” and “Hasa Chakatfu” gave an opportunity to understand the process that goes behind making of a television serial. It gave a chance to work with Kedar Shinde, a renowned director in Marathi, with many famous plays and television series to his names, and renowed actors from the marathi theatre and film faternity.The training provided lot of creative insights in various aspects of film making, right from the creative parts like screenplay, acting, direction to the technical know hows like lighting, camera, sound, etc. I also got a chance to see the making (rehersal's) of a commercial play "Gopala re Gopala" by the same director.