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Video, Photography, Typography, Experimental Animation


Follower (12 minutes, in process)

EARCH is E T E R N A L .But, in this age of information people tend to search rather outside than inside .In a desperate urge to compress time they try to imitate their own Super humans (ideal).While experiencing ecstasy they were shocked by the phoniness as the originator is somebody else. The ephemerality of the pleasures experienced from the outside world through somebody or something compels them to consume more to fill the VOID. Greater the intensity higher the degree of frustration .This is an eternal curse (SUBJECTIVE) to the human race and all philosophies try to address this singular problem in multiple way. Although the destination is explicit the way remains to be hazy except a few .This is an attempt to make it lucid. I am consciously aware that no solution is universally correct and all are subjected to the L a w s o f c h a n g e. But then, this is not a SOLUTION, but a problem to be sorted out S u b j e c t i v e l y. I would like to quote Einstein

“Its not that the people don't know the SOLUTION, but then they don't know the problem”

With the belief that it will at least help me to R e a l i z e myself, I make this search.

“Follow your self – Follower”



Birthday Story (24 minutes )

It's a fiction film based on one of the stories of Basheer. The base idea, a conflict between ideological positions and practical reality is taken from the original story and the time and space had been altered to explore the problems of present day scenario. It's a conversation about a writer, who is having existential problems, becomes ordinary by falling prey to the needs of practical reality and then regains his position by exposing himself through the story he writes. The prime objective in doing this project is to learn the grammar and the craft involved in making the film. The film by itself doesn't give any message at the end. But the content and the backdrop have its own concerns.

“Everything has been said, provided words do not change their meanings and meanings their words.” -Jean luc Godard



Photo Documentation of Goan Windows:

This project offered us a chance to know the place better and to look at it from a totally different point of view. In this project we have tried to find out the salient characteristic features of Goan windows in its cultural context and its aesthetic appeal. We also tried to find the styles followed by different houses in the same place as well as in different locations which are plotted over a time period. We also tried to find out the different materials used, grids followed and the kind of ornamentation done on them. This paper also discusses the changes that happened in the style over the times and its causes.



Film : A Pyramid of women; at Comet Media Foundation.

The primary focus was to learn the art of filmmaking and get a hands on exposure . The auteur filmmakers who were studied included fritz lang, abbas kiorastami,jean luc godard, De sica and Darren Arnofsky.

Interactions with Director Sudhir Mishra led to real time editing at the Comet Media Foundation. The task at hand was to Edit the existing footage on Final cut pro as well as structure the content and create a Narrative using the folk songs.

The film was about a Group of women who dared to break the dahi handi during Gokulasthami which is traditionally broken by men.