Kireeti Bolledu
M.Des. Visual Communication
B.Arch. CSI institute of technology, Hyderabad.
Address: 2-2-1144/17,new nallakunta, Hyderabad- 44, Ph: 09324684568


Information system for Golconda fort  

In many heritage monument sites, there is always been a problem for tourists in getting information and more than that, good experience. In more cases it becomes difficult to visualize the images, like the significant of space or how the earlier structure use to look, dependence on guides and of course compromising with languages.

The aim was to come out with an information system or device (see through), which could cater these sensitive issues and make the tourist experience much better.

The tourist is given a map and a controller with simple functions along with cordless earphones for the group. As tourist gets along his way and when reaches the given points in front of the see through screen, the device detects and starts describing about the structure or space.




A co-operative marketing society provides a platform for the artisans where they can market their products. They already have promotional literature as a website. The redesign effort is an attempt to make their printed brochure more attractive. The redesigned brochure is aimed to create an experience for the readers. The existing promotional media of Lepakshi has not much emphasised on the visual quality, where it's lacking in reflecting the hardship done by the craftsmen.

The alternate strategies for promotion were vedio, a traditional game as tag and a web site.After experimented with different media finally strategy was focussed on redesigning of exsisting promotional book. This exercise of redesigning book helped me to learn graphic design, like handiling 2d space, how to incorporate visual elements, typography and also about material to be used so as to give good experience to people who are reading.



Protocol and Usability

This is an attempt to understand the appropriate methodology for conducting a usability test. Comparing the outcomes of methods used with the help of web application (e-catalogue).

Think aloud + speaking and non-think aloud methods have been used as methodology for testing, also the effect of above mentioned test during the retrospective session, to study how a subject performs a given task using the above methods.

Here we tried out how effective is this methodology to get, what exactly goes in the users mind, comparing think aloud (TA) process against non-think aloud (NTA) , single against co-discovery method followed by retrospective session.Experiments were conducted at Usability labs, Cordys Asia, Hyderabad Further observations laid on how the user mind behaves in both TA and NTA method and amount of information, which comes out in retrospective session against while doing task using Think aloud method.



Video lines , Hyderabad

Here, I was working with one of production group involved in making of telugu daily serial 'Pithru devobhava' aired on Doordarshan . I was involved in different kind of job like Segregation of script according to location, and noting down the details of character, time and location of the scene. Here I also got exposure to editing, and dubbing. All in all a good exposure to practical world.