Jayanti A. Shetty
M.Des. Visual Communication
G.D. Art specialization in Illustration
E-mail: jayanti81@hotmail.com
Mobile - 00 91 98701 22585


Experiencing Psychoactives - Visual Choreography to Music

The project is an exploration into the psyche of people who imbibe psycho-actives in order to experience new dimensions of their imagination. They experience hallucinations and an alternate reality, a world that does not open up to them in the daily course of their lives. They only manage to unlock the door to this world by indulging in the use of psycho-actives and listening to music that helps them see their journey into this other world in a more lucid manner. The project is a visual choreographic exercise that will mix the forms of animation and video along with other visual effects that will allow the viewer to see into the world of these individuals. The viewer will be able to observe this psychedelic world that so far has been hidden in the minds of those who have taken the journey. This project hopes to make that journey visible to all.


Short Animation Film 2D Flash Animation

A Short Flash-Animation Film on H.C. Andersen's famous fairytale about the match girl where a poor girl finds herself using matches to imagine things that she desires for in her life. With hands stiff with cold, the little match girl studies the bright light that gives her warmth, imagination, and the closure to her young life.




Stone-ware / Ceramic Salad-Bowl Stories  

The exercise included defining usable perspectives coupled with decorative sculptural forms. This paper also includes the flavors experienced during the process with the delight in creating and using exceptionally new glazing techniques to make ceramic-ware products. The basic reason with this study is to highlight the essence of ceramic that is missed out by many people who are swayed by hi-tech living. Exercises included were working with glazes created in wood-fire kilns. Also tried my hands on the wheel as well as travel to Kumbharwada, Dharavi, potters in Delhi & Mumbai.



Summer Training - Genesis Film & Video Production House

The summer training was done at Genesis Production House. It was an educational experience that allowed one to look at the process that is followed in the making of television advertisements. The whole pre-production and post-production process was observed. The ad that I was able to assist in were Huggies, Navratna Oil with Amitabh Bacchan in it, Mayur Suitings, Pepsi and SRA (Slum Rehabilitation Act). The latter was a print media campaign.