Antara Hazarika
M.Des., Visual Communication
Adress : 163, H-11 IITBombay Powai, Mumbai-76


Short film: Exploring the creative principle through dance

The film looks at the primal aspects of movement and explores the language of dance through the choreographic idiom set by legendary dance exponent Chandralekha.

The film is an effort to understand and explore life sustaining principles and energies as well as the philosophy of the body through a process of questioning.





An Installation for an Alternate high

What promotes a.. high?

The youth at large perceive psychoactives with being high ! Mind altering drugs are perceived by the young as something that gives a high .After understanding their mindset and feelings of ignorance, nonchalance and guilt, I used a website to give information about the different drugs and also introduced alternate ways to get high through an installation.

The installation was meant for the young in rehabilitation. It was a walk through the alternate highs using examples of six young people who get high without drugs. The project was an attempt to demystify the notion of what a high is and point to the possibilities of natural highs .





Auras and Vibration of Spaces: special project

The idea of invisible inner worlds has been taught in ancient literature and by seers and sages. Everything in space is a vibration from an atom to our consciousness, the acoustic effect of space is an invisible phenomenon yet it affects our sensibilities. The project describes how natural illumination can create an aura within a space and how vibrations can be sensed or felt. The kind of places examined were cave structures (elephanta caves), natural outdoor spaces (sam desert) as well as Built spaces(hussain doshi gufa).

I further examined how in context to Theatre space which has become the modern equivalent of a temple space, an invisible and psychological feeling of space is created. Elements that played a vital role were scale and a mysterious field of force.



Film : A Pyramid of women; at Comet Media Foundation.

The primary focus was to learn the art of filmmaking and get a hands on exposure . The auteur filmmakers who were studied included fritz lang, abbas kiorastami,jean luc godard, De sica and Darren Arnofsky.

Interactions with Director Sudhir Mishra led to real time editing at the Comet Media Foundation. The task at hand was to Edit the existing footage on Final cut pro as well as structure the content and create a Narrative using the folk songs.

The film was about a Group of women who dared to break the dahi handi during Gokulasthami which is traditionally broken by men.