Kumar Anchal
B.Arch, Govt. College of Arch. Lucknow
Address: 160 Maharshipuram, Bye Pass road, Agra-282007
Email : kumaranchal@gmail.com, kumaranchal@iitb.ac.in
Mobile : 00 91 93 2358 2350
Homepage : http://homepages.iitb.ac.in/~kumaranchal
Areas of interests-
Interaction Design, HCI, Ubiquitous Computing, Architecture, Digital Media, Psychology and Indian History


Interactive device for Collaborative learning among Kids

This project is based on the concept of collaborative learning where a group of kids sharing similar interests, collectively get involved in a creative activity. This way they inadvertently learn each other's skills and knowledge. Finally different groups with different interests come together to share their creative products. The idea of sharing and interaction between groups and the ‘kind of competition' motivates them to work as team. This helps them come up with better results by sharing the best of their knowledge. Also the stronger ones in group help the weaker ones to perform well.

The focus is on collaborative activities ‘within a group' which can induce ‘Inter group or Group to group' activities. The concepts target to provide children an environment with freedom to explore create and evaluate on their own unlike most of the collaborative learning tools today which are more like computational creation kits.



Web Browser for Kids

In this techno savvy, fast moving world, all the activities which a kid does with computer or internet are solitary and seldom inspiring for interaction with others. This is against the matter of fact that they rarely learn in isolation. Also most of the applications available are either for elder kids or are too complex to understand.

The project deals with the Designing of a Web browser for kids, based on the concept of a diary or an album which with easy navigation and a friendly environment help kids to save their browsing sessions, favorite pages, downloads in the form of albums and customize them in their favorite manner to exchange with friends, thus building up the idea of knowledge sharing.

It also helps parents to remotely control and keep track of the kid's activities on internet without any active interference.




Role of Interaction Designer

Strategy, Scope, Structure, Skeleton, Surface – The project deals with the role and contributions of an Interaction designer at each of these levels in terms of the process, content, genres, skills, technology, deliverables and the people involved? How does it compare with other design disciplines?

The findings involve talking with designers from different design domains like architecture, film, industrial design, graphic design etc and tries to find out where they think they contribute most to a design project, what they spend their time with the most etc.





Cordys R & D, Vanenburg IT Park, Hyderabad as Usability Trainee

Cordys, a global software company, develops inventive collaborative solutions to deliver superior levels of adaptability, efficiency and responsiveness to companies and their networks. The company is into research and building up of applications for future scenario serving up multinational clients such as Kuwait petroleum, IFFCO, Quanta. It also offers a comprehensive suite of inventive software solutions and Business collaboration platform.

The project as a part of summer internship was to understand the ‘Usability design process', implementation of various applications and representation and designing interface elements for different subjects. The entire task involved the understanding of work areas, the concept of usability, Testing, Interfaces, Conceptualizing alternatives, Designing icons, their implementation and then the user feedback. The methodology not only included the consideration for various constraints but also the regular compilation and reconsideration of output and progress.