Amisha Banker
M.des. Visual communication



Directional and navigation information is becoming more and more important in a city like Bombay because of the city's size and complexity. Although signs work well, interactive and database driven signage can provide much more flexible information enabling a host of other applications. Because its primary purpose is to assist people in way finding, I call it p roject “Disha”. It is an attempt to provide city information to people on the move. It is an information and navigation system on a cell phone device. While it can display simple textual information or signs that act as labels, it can also have more complex signs like maps and pictures. It can even present information custom-tailored to the user, like voice-based information in his own language. The project further explores the kind of information required in a physical space like a city and how to represent this information on a cell phone device in the most comprehendible and intuitive way. - Flower market on the web

The flower farmers in the Indian villages depend on the nearby cities for selling their produce. At present, they are isolated in terms of access to information and new markets. Similarly, buyers have to depend on the farmers in the nearby villages to meet their flower requirements. Expanding market access for rural produce is important for better realization of the market potential of agricultural produce. Tools such as the Internet and the Web are ideally suited to achieve this goal. The Net can help the rural population source their markets as well as help buyers source the required produce in the most cost-effective way. This project proposes a portal as common platform where the producers, buyers and transporters of flowers come and interact. Through the portal a farmer would be able to sell his produce at a fixed price or ask buyers to bid for the same, at the same time the buyers would be able to buy at a fixed price or ask farmers to bid for the flower order. Portal provided with the flexibility where farmers can see the portal in their language. The system proposes to use the already existing network of N-Logue - Chirag Internet kiosks in the rural areas for the project implementation.



Sound of Design

The visual language and the phonetic sounds can create a specific mood or tone. The compositions that work with phonetic sounds are able to convey a physical texture in a more direct way than just written words. While children may not necessarily understand the meaning of the spoken words, they still enjoy the phonetic sound of the same. These compositions free language from the page into the aural realm. Thus the project was attempt to answer the question “Like poets use sound phonetics to create compositions that can appeal to all, how does one create sound of design that communicates the message to all?”




Cordys, Hyderabad India

Cordys is a global software company based in Hyderabad . The Company develops inventive collaborative solutions to deliver superior levels of adaptability, efficiency and responsiveness to companies and their networks. As a part of my summer training, t he task given was to explore the already existing bank of icons in the Cordys explorer interface and come up with visual concepts for new set of icons that are easy to recognize, scan and recall.