Sanket Magarkar
M.Des Product Design
B.E. Mechanical (Mumbai University)


Design of an Electric two wheeler for Indian Women

The project is about styling of scooter (EV platform) to suit the needs and aspirations of the young professional Indian women. In the scenario of increasing vehicle density on urban roads and increasing tendency towards two wheelers, to be most accepted personal commuting vehicle, the project looks into the possibilities molding of new vehicle platform to serve the context. My study areas in this project are looking into Transforming EV technology into an adaptable form to the user. The focus is kept on the psychological and behavioral patterns of riders along with the Ergonomics issues.



Refrigerator for rural housing (P 2)

It is about designing domestic perishable food care product for the rural population. The product aims at short term storage of food items like milk and milk products, leftover food and vegetables and it also caters the growing aspiration for cold water of the rural families by moderate cooling.

The key features of the product would be no running cost since it is driven from the unutilized smoke heat, layout providing better accessibility and multiplicity of the use of space inside, the reduced size providing advantage in terms of use.

Design is according to rural settings and habits where people cook and work on the floor. Design attempts to understand the domestic eating culture and the lifestyle. The technology which is being used in western world has been adapted to create differentiated sustainable product, driven without electricity.



Opportunity Finder: Tool with Design Check list

The project is about development of software tool called Opportunity finder. It is a computer-supported set of tools for information-age design planning. Its tools and procedures will help designer to uncover user-centered needs, recognize insightful relationships, capture ideas as they develop, organize large amounts of information optimally for concept development, and develop solutions appropriate to the real and natural complexity of problems.

The project explores into the modes to document the early judgments designer takes about the project. The software navigation aims at maximizing one's creative and analytical thinking. It is made interactive in terms of keeping track of user progress, and responding about project status. The project outcome was a ‘ ready to work' version of the tool.



Whirlpool GTEC, Pune

The objective was generating ‘Blue sky' concepts for making the dishwasher trays i.e. dish racks more flexible and intuitive in the way it is configured also easily customizable by the user for their specific dishware and loading habits.

The strategy involved firstly understanding present usage pattern of the dishwasher to overcome inherent flaws of system and then proposing multiple layouts for customisation. The design was a good problem solving activity from usability, ergonomics, and feasibility point of view of system. The approach was to create better user experiences by moving from essentiality to the desirability of the system.