Pradeep Deulkar
M.Des. ( Product design )
Address: "Vaitarna" 51/15 Shivainagar
Thane 400606
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Mobile communication device for Women Executives.

Women's conscious engagement into the corporate world brings in a fresh view of how they get adapted and use modern technology in their day-to-day life.

Women's roles in Corporate Organizations not only lead to an understanding of the multiple roles that women fulfill in a society but also awareness of social and economic pressures.

This opens new doors for fresh ideas and design concepts, for communicating devices specially designed for women executives.



Teaching aid for rural schools

The intention of this project was coming up with a unique product which can be used for providing the rural schools with audio visual experience. To add up to the commercial value of the product it also needs to cater the common rural peoples as the secondary user.

Schools in rural India reflect a lot of diversity as compared to the urban school setup. The reasons for this situation are endless, but at the onset all these parameters affect the overall development of the student.

Lack of visual content in the syllabus makes the whole process of learning very mundane. To enhance this whole learning experience the content needs to be rich in visual sense. So that it gives the right information to a larger group of students in a short time.

The rural schools are far away from incorporating such a technique in there system, due to lack of accessibility and crude infrastructure. This opportunity can be potentially tapped upon to come up with totally new and radical concepts for providing them with an audio visual based system.



Protocol and Usability

This is an attempt to understand the appropriate methodology for conducting a usability test. Comparing the outcomes of methods used with the help of web application (e-catalogue).

Think aloud + speaking and non-think aloud methods have been used as methodology for testing, also the effect of above mentioned test during the retrospective session, to study how a subject performs a given task using the above methods.

Here we tried out how effective is this methodology to get, what exactly goes in the users mind, comparing think aloud (TA) process against non-think aloud (NTA) , single against co-discovery method followed by retrospective session.Experiments were conducted at Usability labs, Cordys Asia, Hyderabad Further observations laid on how the user mind behaves in both TA and NTA method and amount of information, which comes out in retrospective session against while doing task using Think aloud method.



ONIDA tv. Design of concept 10' portable LCD TV.

LCD is the future technology for the replacement of CRT based Tv. The company is searching new ideas and potentials in LCD tv design. Major focus was on identifying new areas and market segments for LCD TVs, a balance was tried to achieve between the LCD and its cost factor. Three different concepts were worked out in detail for portable LCD TVs. Personalizing the user experience of watching tv, and making it very handy was the primary goal.