Mark Philip D'Souza
B.E. (Electronics)
M.Des. (Product Design)
Permanent Address: 202,Franc Del,
Dr. Peter Dais Road, Bandra, Mumbai 400 050
Res.No.: (022) 26404786


Internet Based Communication Terminal for the Elderly.

An attempt to simplify yet enrich the communication between parents and children over the internet.

Family bonds in India are still very strong and communication is an important means by which we can strenghten these bonds. The internet appliance uses a touch screen as the primary interaction interface and also incorporates a digital ink pen allowing one to write letters in the most natural way possible; by hand, in their own handwriting and in their own language. The deviace is for really anyone who knows nothing about computers but yearns to use them, atleast for communication.





Manual Transportation of Water for Domestic Use in Rural Areas

Rural areas have difficult access to water. The Indian social and cultural aspects demand that women fetch water. To save the number of trips, women carry almost 35 to 40 litres per trip in very unergonomic positions. The product is thus designed for the Indian woman. The rural women were culturally not comfortable with the idea of a backpack type design with modern hi-tech straps. Hence the design consists if two blow molded containers of 15 litres each, carried on either shoulder. Instead of a strap, a rope has been used which allows them to use any rope in future and also relates to the way they make straps. The wide mouth allows one to clean the inside and the front projection acts as a pivot for tilting the container when on the ground and also for gripping it when being carried.




Documentation and Analysis of the Indigenous Design Endeavors

The project involves the documentation and critical analysis of the indigenous design solutions that surround us and that have evolved through the generations in a somewhat unselfconscious manner. The documentation encompasses objects of day to day life, which by virtue of a natural process of self-correction and self-development have evolved and have stood the test of time to be seen even today. Such design solutions have not involved an active intervention of designers or any other specific individuals. Documentation of such objects is in the form of drawings, photographs, written material and at times the acquisition of the actual objects. Analysis of the collected material is from a design point of view, looking at the process of evolution over a sizeable duration of time, the appropriateness, the simplicity and the socio-cultural relevance.




IFB Industries Limited, Goa, Washing Machines Division, Engineering and Product Development.

The core project entailed design of a new front panel facia along with graphics for the touch pad interface for a new ELENA ( electro junior ) to be launched. Supplementary to the above other activities carried out are as follows:

1. To give feedback and inputs for the DIGITAL model with respect to its aesthetics.

2. To give new ideas or directions for washing machines and accessories. 

3. To design stands to exhibit the machines at retail outlets. 

4. To design stickers for the dishwasher and dryer to be used at retail outlets. (Point Of Purchase stickers).