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Design of an Electric Cart for Airport Terminal Use

Transportation within the airport premises is an area, which has not been addressed to in India . As Indian economy is opening up to international markets and as air travel is becoming a prestigious matter on behalf of business, commerce and development of the country, making the airports more efficient requires reducing time spent on behalf of all officials and workers in the airport. The project dealt with understanding what problems airport personnel face with the current mode of transportation within the airport. A detailed activity analysis was conducted to understand the requirements of the employees as well as the airport authority. The aim is to conceptualise new solutions, to solve the problems identified and proposing a new design for the electric vehicles to be used within the airports.


Travelling School - Teaching Kit for Doorstep School in rural India

This project was inspired by School On Wheels (Project by Doorstep School Organisation), currently operating in Mumbai and Pune. Thus the concept borrowed from Doorstep School Project is being taken forward to make a product suitable to work in the rural parts of India . The scope of the project was to design a product that aids the Doorstep School Project, to conduct their education program in the rural parts of India . The product will be designed to conduct a class with a teacher to student ratio of 1:10 ; the product will be attached to a two wheeler which serves as a transportation, power and support system for the product. The product will also provide means of sharing educational videos, documentaries, movies and programmes streamed by the EDUSAT.



Performance and story telling in traditional puppet theatre Documentation of Pavakathakali (Puppet Kathakali)

In this era of digital entertainment, where special effects and computer animation takes over the interests of a person who wants to listen to stories, this project was a step into the vast colourful world of traditional story telling which could still generate awesome interest to people who like to listen to stories. Stories of great wars, stories of gods, stories of beasts, stories that make you realise that there is a world full of wonders behind the screen of a puppeteer. An art form with no viewers and hardly anyone from the land of its origin knowing about its presence and value, it was required to not let this art form die.The project dealt with research and documentation of the art form, the documentation of an episode of Pavakathakali (Duryodhana Vadham Killing of Duryodhana) is available at IDC.



Styling exercise on the Royal Enfield Thunderbird Model Summer Internship Project at Royal Enfield Motors, Chennai

For the major manufacturers it's another matter. The high cost of developing new models means they can't afford a sales flop, so in terms of styling they will tend to avoid anything too risky. Above trying to get it right, it's vital not to get it wrong. There's usually time pressure as well, and no-one wants to go too far into the unknown in case there are problems that can't be resolved before the deadline. By default, they play safe. And that's the main point. Designers need to understand the limits of "safe" and the limits of "innovative" so that their proposals acknowledge the need for both individuality and for market success. Good design is easy, and new design is too. But new and good together - that's the clever bit. As a designer it was a try to push the company into doing something a little more imaginative, and take a new step.