Aniket Tendulkar
M-des Product Design
B.E. (Mechanical)
Address : 'Swapna' Telco soc. 14 sect.24 plot d/2,
PCNTDA Nigdi, Pune, Maharashtra 411044.
Cell: 09324501851


Design of two wheeled vehicle for youth

The project started with personal interests in riding and styling. The project involves study of current Indian two wheeler market for different categories and trends. Also understand the fastest growing market The Youth; their habits and aspirations.

A user study was conducted to understand user. Concepts were generated based on the data collected and the user study. A concept was finalized after evaluation.



Design of furniture for school kids in rural India

Primary education is most essential phase of development in child life. India has one of the largest infrastructures for primary education.

Study of rural India shows lack of proper study furniture at home as well as school. A portable concept to be carried as a school bag was designed and developed. The design provides a work surface for the user with better sitting postures. Ease of use , ergonomics of carrying, reading , writing was considered while designing.



Exploration of product possibilities from bamboo waste

Bamboo craft and bamboo products always been part of Indian culture. There are communities which make their livelihood on bamboo craft.

New industrial approach towards bamboo craft for better productivity and consistency was introduced. Like any industry bamboo craft based industries produce waste. Creative ways of handling this waste for new product development was explored.



Design of wheels for motorcycle

The project was conducted as a part of one month training at Royal Enfield Chennai. A set of alloy wheels was designed for a new motorcycle design developed in the plant. Concepts were generated to match motorcycle character and available material and manufacturing resources available. A final design was chosen from the concepts and was refined further.