Sreeja Balachandran

M.Des. Product Design


Wearable device for the Indian youth

The project is to design a wearable mp3 player for the Indian youth with added features like FM tuner, image storage and voice recorder. MP3 is popular among today's youth due to its cheap availability. The target user group would be of the range 18 30 years.

While designing this product the important issues to be addressed are its visual effect, how it feels against the body and how it makes a fashion statement. It is the tendency among youth to look different, stand-out in the crowd and present themselves as trendsetters. The project is dealt in a futuristic way where it is made organic and sensuous with the use of newer materials that possess qualities of semi-transparency, elasticity - responding to users' touch and feel warm against your body. Issues like how the product can be customized, made unisex and the quality of Indianness are also addressed.


New Products for Income Enhancement through Stitching

The project focused on creating products that can be made using the needle work skills of rural women. In this system the designer would design products understanding the market trends and the user needs, putting to use the traditional skills of local craftswomen to add value to the products which will be made by another set of women skilled in stitching. The project was focused on the women artisans of Kutch .

The product is a baby carrier that can be opened into a rug, which may be used while traveling, for carrying and laying the baby. The product has the character of traditional styles, and also appeals to the aspirations of the user- the parent, to look trendy while using it. Accessories like bib and milk bottle cover also done so that all the three fall into one family.



Natural lighting and Artificial lighting: A Study

The quality of natural light changes with the time of a day, from dawn to dusk in terms of its colour and intensity, whereas artificial lights generally tend to be uniform and steady throughout, giving a monotonous feeling. Today artificial lights are being designed to closely simulate the ambience of natural light. This special project is a part of an extensive research on lighting, where the focus is to understand the qualities of natural and artificial light, the effect of light on human emotions and how, with the use of different type of light sources and materials, the artificial lighting can be made more active and effective to give the same richness as the natural light. Lighting screens where designed and installed to create the same quality of natural light through artificial lighting and materials.



Funskool India Ltd. , Chennai

Funskool is a joint venture between MRF, the number one tyre company in India and Hasbro Inc , the number one toy company in the world. During the training period the tasks done include

•  Making of mock-ups - Rotto Whizzer

•  Evaluation of new products for export - Feedback on four John Adams export-products

•  Correcting the design flaws in existing products- City service range series

•  Blister card design - Pokemon magnetic stickers .

•  Packaging design - City service range series, Sindy .