Purba Joshi

M.Des. (Product Design)








Domestic water purifier for rural area

The Purifier has been designed for rural scenario where continuous tap water and electricity is not available all the time. Its an instant kind of purifier which allows them to purify stored water brought from distant sources. The pressure required for operation is manually generated. This is an attempt to bring high technology solution in the simplest way to fit into rural scenario. The technology adopted for purifier is developed by B.A.R.C. and works on ultra filtration method.







Pinnacle Saporiti, Pithampur Indore (M.P.)

During one month training at Pinnacle Saporiti, Indore the manufacturing technique of automobile seats, sofas, sofa chairs, sofa cum beds, etc which uses molded PU and metal or wood structure had been studied. The following four projects had been taken during training period:

•  Redesigning of Yonker: It was an existing model which had problem with its center of gravity. The problem was solved and a newness in design was introduced keeping the mould same.

•  “Tulip”- the exhibition chair: A chair with the form of “Tulip” and floral colours, to make it look different from other single sitters.

•  “ Life”- the two sitter lobby furniture : It is designed mainly for the lobbies of malls or shopping complexes, etc.

•  “Relax”-sofa set: As the name suggests it is a very comfortable sofa set which fits in the category of high end products.