Deepa Sam
M.Des. Product Design
B.Arch (TVBSHS, New Delhi)
Address : D-7/7013, Vasant kunj,
New Delhi - 110070.
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Ph. : 9869367437


Point of Purchase Display System for Khadi Gram Udyog

Today's shopper looks for an experience beyond the selling and buying. The inspiration for the project came from the various shopping environments a person is exposed to and the different kinds of experiences one goes through in those environments. The new shops and kinds of shopping have exposed the consumer to a value added shopping experience. The consumer is more aware and demanding. Point of Purchase display is probably the cheapest option available with the company to advertise and increase sales.

Khadi Gram Udyog was chosen as a potential Indian organization that has the ability to do well with a good point of purchase design.

The design looks at creating an experience with the focus on the products rather than the display system itself. The design derives itself from the identity and goals of ‘khadi' as a brand and as an organization, interwoven with the aspirations of today's consumer.



Lighting for rural homes

The project looks at answers to the lighting needs of rural homes after dusk. The project emerges from the various kinds of usage that traditional light sources have in their homes today. The seed that gave rise to this idea was the fact that in spite of technological advancement people have still fallen back to traditional light sources for various reasons. There are certain good characteristics of the traditional light sources which have not been captured in many modern lights. The product is a bridge between the traditional lamp and the ultra bright modern day lighting sources. It borrows from both the realms to create a contemporary solution – a lamp using LEDs that answers various needs in a household.




Experiential light  

The project aims at observing the splendors and the play of light in the natural world and how people have dealt with it. Inspiration from these prompts me to attempt to recreate these with artificial light. Discovering artificial light not as a commodity but as a tool was the main aim of the project. Borrowing from traditional Japanese interiors and also from other lighting effects one sees in nature, it's a challenge to create something that is beyond serving a practical or a functional role but has the power to appeal directly to the human spirit. The screen holds its place in a work environment cut away from a natural visual release like a window in the traditional context. It's to release oneself from the highly stressful work environment that seems to be increasingly commonplace.



BANG Design, Bangalore  

Bang Design is a full-fledged product design and development group. They leverage their strengths in industrial design, mechanical engineering and an understanding of the human factor to deliver a compelling and positive experience for client and consumer alike. The exposure to the industry was truly an eye opener in all aspects. Being a consulting firm the best part was the wide variety of projects that one could see. One was introduced to various projects at different stages hence getting to know all aspects of the work. The kind of work included from CAD modeling to mock up model making to conceptualizing products. All the learning happened because of discussions and exchange of views and ideas.