Bhanu Samyal Singh
BE (Mechanical) Mumbai University
M.Des., Product Design
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Mobile: 00 91 98 9237 4599


Redesign of an "Earthmover Cabin"

The project involves redesigning the exteriors and interiors of the Operator's Cabin in an Earthmover. The issues involved are ergonomic layout of controls and incorporating other user friendly features.



Refrigerator for Vaccine Storage

Access to proper medical facilities is one of the basic needs for anyindividual. At urban places, people enjoy this facility without much efforts but at villages, the case is different. At villages, sub centers or Primary Health Centers (PHC) provide primary health care to the rural people. However, these health centers cover only a small spectrum of medical services because of lack of proper equipments for storage of drugs and medicines. The weakest link in this whole chain is the vaccine storage at village level (PHC). The Primary Health Centers lack the availability of reliable refrigerators for storage of vaccines and other emergency medical supplies. About 30 percent of our villages do not have electric supply and where it is available, it is erratic. This eliminates the possibility of using conventional refrigerators in these places. Thus, a product has been proposed to be used at PHCs and sub centers for storage of medicines and vaccines with a complete design process behind it. This project also looks at the possibility of using adsorption technology for using solar energy to power the product.



How people live and the objects that surround them

This was a research project. A detailed ethnographic study was carried out in villages in to find out how people live, what objects they posses, the cultural aspects, the architecture of the place, their living patterns. Also the study probed into detailed understanding of the objects/products they posses, their buying patterns, brands awareness and consciousness, their attitude towards these objects, their affordability, their aspirations from the products, their aspirations from their coming generations and their life goals as well.



Forbes Marshall, Pune.

My work at Forbes Marshall, Pune, involved designing their new product “Enviropro”The critical issues involved in the project were ergonomics, easy handling, durability, incorporating new advanced features and aesthetics. These actual requirements for the product were evaluated after conducting a survey and developing a questionnaire, which was carried out at Brinton Carpets Ltd. Pune. Various conceptual models were made using CAD and a final mock model made in thermacol was presented. Other task was to design a suitable cabinet and motor assembly for the boiler burner called “Minimax”. A proper technical study was conducted and then a functionally and aesthetically concept was presented. The unique part of this project was to develop a draft tunnel for the flue gases.