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Shyam Narayan Viswanath BTech (Mechanical)
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Education Design , Project ll,M Des PD
IDC, IIT Bombay

Redesign of a Hairdryer
Guide : Prof Mohan Bhandari
This project aims to create a new identity for personal hairdryers. Hairdryers in two categories, personal and professional, were studied. The activity analysis of the hairdryers in use revealed the problems for which solutions were suggested in both the said categories; the personal hairdryer was chosen for further exploration in identity-based and semantic approaches to form generation. In the final concept, the motor and turbine are separated from the outlet of the air stream. Priority was given to safety, as many people had faced the problem of wet hair getting sucked into the dryer when reaching out towards areas they cant see, like the back of the head. The same theme is carried over to the formal expression of the product.

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