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Ashish A Tiwari
B Tech (Textile Technology)
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Transportation Design , Project lll
,M Des PD(1999-01)
IDC, IIT Bombay

Design and styling of NeV
Guide : Prof V P Bapat
Neighborhood electric vehicles [NeVs] are a new category of vehicles that have found market as resort vehicles, community vehicles, and other short haul commuting vehicles. These vehicles are meant to be show around vehicles as well as have great utility where distances are short. Electric vehicles are suitable for such an application because of their eco-friendliness, cost effectiveness and noiseless operation. The project is an attempt to find a new image for the NeV that is different from the car and yet gives a feel of owning a compact, no-nonsense four-wheeler. The design is suitable to seat four and the chassis is developed on an existing Indian microcar. This was an sponsored project.

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