About this site

When IDC started Game Design elective in 2007, we had not anticipated that it will continue to remain popular Every year more games get added. We now have a huge collection of games with scanty record of the reative work by the students in the past. That is why we thought of the website that will ensure that all he esigns of games are accessible. To keep it updated, new students in future will submit their work directly on this website.

Some of the games have already come in the Indian market. One of the game was recently introduced in Japanese market. Idea of putting them on the web is that it may get few more manufactures interested in commercializing the ideas. The website is also a good resource material for those student who want to go into game design in future.

About the games

Each game creates a unique game world with its rules. Depending on the age group that they are designed for, these games are designed to make demands on several abilities of the players. These games demand responding to a challenge posed by the opposing player’s action who may pose difficult targets and expect risk handling. To face this, the players must develop strategies and plan moves. Some games use demand specific physical or mental skills Those developed for very young demand handling unpredictability posed by element of luck.Gameplay and game mechanics are also designed to create 1] greater interaction between players 2] lead to play and fun and 3] unusual player’s actions. Even when they are games based on learning and school syllabus, they maintain some of the above characteristics.

These games have been developed in an elective module spanning over 12 days, by no means easy. It became possible because of passionate and intense involvement of students during the module. The design process was interactive and particularly included children during designing. They would come to the studio play the game and make suggestions.