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Here are a few examples of professional faculty projects done at IDC.

Modular Houseboat in Composites for Kerala Tourism
Project Team: Prof Kishor Munshi

Houseboat in Kerala, mainstay of its tourist industry developed from rice boat has hardly changed in terms of design, use of materials or technique of manufacture, since its birth about 40 years ago. Virtually, it never evolved. One major reason probably was mutual contradiction between preservation of cultural identity / ethnicity and new technology. Finally, a win-win design was innovated – one that kept former intact & advanced later. Multi-level & cross-disciplinary product development process had to be adopted to achieve this aesthetic, ergonomic, cost-effective & rapidly manufactured houseboat for backwaters of Kerala in India. Some salient points that enabled achievement are pointed now. Hull & superstructure that were built traditionally from heavy wood (responsible for indiscrete deforestation and virtual extinction), and steel structures were replaced by 'smart' composites in modular form. Traditional production on land was exchanged for dual land-water factory – on land factory built modules, assembled on floating hull (27 M long, 4.5 M wide, housing engine and all the service units) on water, optimizing the use of space. Construction man-hours, both quantitative and qualitative (in terms of reduced 'fatigue' and cost) came down, speeding production. The rightly chosen materials like resins & reinforcements sharply reduced maintenance costs while enhancing durability several times. Rusting of iron, degradation of bamboo mats was eliminated by the use of GRP (rust-proof material) unaffected by salinity. Comfort of end-user, the tourist, was not forgotten; he got modern comforts, superior panoramic view from rooms,
semi covered decks with protection from Sun and rain with all round visibility, feeling of openness, made possible by unique design of components. Tourists are safer in this lighter, yet stronger new houseboat– courtesy, new generation fiberglass reinforced plastics. In totality, it is design for function, form, manufacturability, ecology, serviceability, environmental compatibility and respect for local architectural sensibility, all conglomerated into an integral whole


K-Yan - the Compact Media Centre
Project Team: Prof Kirti Trivedi

K-Yan is a compact media product for community use.

It combines the functions of: a multimedia and internet enabled PC, large format television, DVD/VCD/CD player, CD writer, video-conference device, LCD data projector, and an audio system that facilitates shared viewing and participation by users.
K-Yan has evoked enthusiastic response and is on the way to becoming a major commercial success.


Post Box for Indian Postal Services
Project Team: Prof Chakravarthy

User Convenience: Easy for collection of letters, change of time and common locking for all the postboxes in the region.
Modern Design: Helps in image building.
Maintenance Proof: Low lifecycle cost, will last for minimum 20 years.
Contemporary Materials: Use of high quality brush finished stainless steel for durability and vandal proofness.
High-Tech Manufacturing: Use of computer numerical control machines for fabrication of stainless steel sheet.


NCR EasyPoint 57i ATM
Project Team: Prof U A Athavankar, Prof. V P Bapat

Called ASAN, the ATM was conceived and designed in India for India and launched on December 5th 2004. The new ideas were based on ethnographic studies. Because of its low cost, it is suitable for deployment in previously unviable low volume sites. From the small size of the unit to its unique privacy wings, ASAN focused on customer convenience and ease of use.


Retail Vision for Bharat Petroleum Corporation
Project Team: Prof Ravi Poovaiah, Dr. Ajanta Sen

This design project involved background research and defining corporate strategy for retail vision related to incorporating futuristic and experience driven designing for the 'Retail Outlets for Bharat Petroleum'. The design team was responsible for the whole design process, to be implemented across all its outlets in India (4 to 5 thousand).


Vision 2000 programme for Indian Oil Corporation
Project Team: Prof Ravi Poovaiah, Prof. S Nadkarni

This design project is about the Vision 2000 programme under
which India's largest as well as Fortune 500 company, the
Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), set itself on a course of revamping
its corporate vision, retail strategy and image.

IDC's design team was responsible for the whole design
process from research-ideation to prototyping and
defining corporate standards.


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