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Animation, Gaming, Storytelling with
Sequential Art, Illustration, Cartooning
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Storyboard and Animatic for Animation
Images in sequence for Animation by Vajra Pancharia

Storyboard is like a miniature version of your final film. It comprises of sequential visuals similar to a comic book and it acts as a blue print for your film. It’s a plan that depicts your script through visuals.

It’s the most important stage of preproduction and it helps the director visualize the details of his film prior to the production stage. The most important role of the storyboard is that it acts as a communication tool to exchange ideas and convey the story efficiently between the Director, Producer and the entire team.

While doing storyboard one can decide on the staging of the character and composition of their shots. This will help them later while animating the final shots.

This storyboard may go through various changes further after discussions among the team till the storyboard is refined. The refinement of the storyboard helps in making the production process much smoother.

Clay Animation
Lip Sync and Eye Blink by Swati Agarwal

Clay animation is one of the most exhilarating medium of stop motion animation where you can actually play with the dimensions in the physical world.

Unlike other mediums of animation you can play with dimensionality and movement of your clay characters and make them talk, walk, dance, jump in your own way.

This medium is adaptable to different forms of successive manipulation.