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There are 29 faculty members supported by technical as well as workshop personnel in their educational, research and consultancy projects. They are engaged in a variety of tasks within the campus as well as outside IIT. They interact with industry and institutions in organizing seminars, conducting short term courses and workshops, consultancy and advisory programme, quality improvement programme for teachers, and holding exhibitions.

The faculties have backgrounds in Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Animation, Film and Video, Architecture, Art, Engineering Sciences and Ergonomics. They have qualifications from Institutions such as IDC, IIT Bombay, India; NID, India; RCA, UK and RISD, USA.


Sreekumar, G V
Professor and Head of IDC

Phone: 091-022-2576 7834
email: gvsree@iitb.ac.in
Magazine Design
Information Design
Publication Design
Design Pedagogy
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Bapat, V P

Phone: 091-022-2576 7819
email:  bapat@iitb.ac.in
Product Design
Creative Engg. Details
Rapid Prototyping

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Balan Sudesh
Associate Professor

Phone: 091-022-2576 7801
email:  sudesh@iitb.ac.in
Digital Film-making
Lens Optics & Image manipulation
VFX Photography

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Bokil, Prasad
Assistant Professor

Phone: 091-022-2576 5276
email:  prasad.bokil@iitb.ac.in
Visual language
Design semiotics
Graphic Design
Design ontoloy
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Chakravarthy, B K
Professor and
Institute Chair Professor

Phone: 091-022-2576 7860
email:  chakku@iitb.ac.in
Product Styling and Perception, Creativity
New Product Innovation
Design Strategy
Humanizing Technology
Collaborative Innovation Methodology

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Dalvi, Girish
Associate Professor

Phone: 091-022-2576 7801
email:  girish.dalvi@iitb.ac.in
Type Design
Interaction Design
Research Methods in Design

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Hingorani, Alka
Associate Professor

Phone: 091-022-2576 7801
email:  alka@iitb.ac.in
Visual Narratives

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Joshi, Anirudha


Phone: 091-022-2576 7829
email:  anirudha@iitb.ac.in
User studies, Usability Evaluations, Quantitative Design Research Methods, Design Issues, Minors Course in Human-Computer Interaction

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Joshi, Purba

Associate Professor

Phone: 091-022-2576 7816
email: purba_joshi@iitb.ac.in
Computer Aided Design
Product form and Aesthetics
Product Prototyping
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Mascarenhas, Arun

Assistant Professor

Phone: 091-022-2576 5299
email: arun.idc@iitb.ac.in
Visual Arts, Art History and Aesthetics
Craft Studies and Documentation
Handmade and Sustainable Design
Public Art and Space Design
Design Fundamental Studies
Kinesthetic learning
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Mazhar Kamran

Associate Professor

Phone: 091-022-25767813
email:  mazhar@iitb.ac.in

World Cinema, Indian Cinema , Filmmaking- (Narrative feature, documentary and animation), Story-telling, Cinematography, Indian Literature

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Kant, Vivek

Assistant Professor

Phone: 91-022-2576-5275
email:  vivek.kant@iitb.ac.in

Systems Design, Human Factors (cognitive ergonomics/ Cognitive engineering), Sociotechncial systems, History and Philosophy of Design and Engineering

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Malhotra, Sugandh Assistant Professor

email: sugandh@iitb.ac.in
Design history
User centered design
Frameworks for future design possibilities
Design Research methods
Intelligent mobility systems
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Mohanty, Raja


Phone: 091-022-2576 7825
email: rajam@iitb.ac.in

Visual Arts , Aesthetics
Narratives and Storytelling, Ceramics

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Pal, Swati

Assistant Professor

Phone: 091-022-2576 5277
email: swatipal@iitb.ac.in
Product design Ergonomics, Physical Ergonomics, Cognitive Ergonomics, Design and Occupational Health Design for Elderly Further links...

Pillai, Jayesh

Assistant Professor

Phone: 09425156428
email: jay@iitb.ac.in
Visual Communication,
Video Communication,
Virtual Reality

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Poovaiah, Ravi

Professor & D. L. Shah Chair Professor

Phone: 091-022-2576 7820
email: ravi@iitb.ac.in
Interaction Design , Environment Design
Communication Design, Social Media, nformation Visualization and Structuring

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P. Kumaresan

Assistant Professor

Phone: 091-022-2576 7801
email: kums@iitb.ac.in

Product Interface Design
Product innovation

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Ranade, Shilpa


Phone: 091-022-2576 7801
email: shilpa@iitb.ac.in

Graphic Design

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Rane, Mandar

Associate Professor

Phone: 091-022-2576 7839
email: mrane@iitb.ac.in

Graphic Design, Basic Design, Web Media , Print Media Further links...

Rao, Sumant M


Phone: 091-022-2576 7801
email: sumant_rao@iitb.ac.in
Animation , Illustration,
Special Effects

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Ray, G G

Professor & Ramakrishna Bajaj Chair Professor

Phone: 091-022-2576 7821
email:  ggray@iitb.ac.in
Muck skeletal issues and load bearing activities,Workstation Ergonomics, Design and Geriatric Needs, Design and Special Needs

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Venkatesh Rajamanickam

Phone: 091-022-2576 7801
email:  venkatra@iitb.ac.in
Human-Computer Interface Design
Data Visualization
Technology and Learning

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Sadhu, N

Assistant Professor

Phone: 091-022-2576 7824
email:  sadhu@iitb.ac.in
Product Ergonomics
Visual Ergonomics

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Sabnani, Nina


Phone: 091-022-2576 7812
email: ninamsabnani@iitb.ac.in

Illustration, Visual Narratives, Animation Studies , Visual Ethnography, Storytelling

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Sandesh, R

Associate Professor

Phone: 091-022-2576 7814
email: sandesh.idc@iitb.ac.in

Product Design
Form Studies
Craft Culture Design and Development

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Sharma, Nishant


Phone: 091-022-2576 7815
email: nishantsharma@iitb.ac.in
Automotive Design
Vehicle Design Process
Product Form and Aesthetics
Participatory Innovation
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Shende, Avinash

Associate Professor

Phone: 091-022-2576 5278
email: savinash@iitb.ac.in
Poetic Synthesis
Product Integrated Photovoltaic
Product, Furniture & Lighting Design
Bamboo Craft
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Tetali, Phani

Phone: 091-022-2576 7831
email: phanit@iitb.ac.in
Animation , Gaming
New Media in Education
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Adjunct faculty at IDC

Athavankar, U A

Phone: 091-022-2576 7817
email:  uaa@iitb.ac.in
Product Design
Product Semantics
Cognition & Imagery

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Hazra, Ravi

Phone: 022-28571649
email: ravihaz@iitb.ac.in
Environmental Design,
Furniture Design

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Khambete, Pramod

Phone: 022-285767801
email: pramodkhambete@iitb.ac.in
Service Design
User Experience Design
Design THeory

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Rao, A G

Phone: 091-022-2576 7828
email: agrao@iitb.ac.in
Product Design
Basic Design,
Bamboo Craft

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Distinguish guest faculty at IDC

B. Bhaumik

Phone: 091-022-2576 7801
email: bidyabijay@yahoo.com

Automotive Design & Development,
Management of Automotive Production Development,
Product Strategy

Anil K. Gupta

Founder, Honey Bee Network
Phone: 91-79-6632 4927
email: anilgb@gmail.com
Agriculture Sciences
Innovation, Knowledge Network

Mahendra Patel

Phone: 091-98202-81341
Typography, Type design methodologies  



Visiting Professor at IDC

Amita Sharma

Additional Secretary (HE),MHRD

Product Design

Peer Sathik

Nanyang Technological Institute, Singapore

Product Design, Human Centred Design of Products and Services

Dinesh Korjan
emailid: dinesh@korjan.com Product Design, Design Strategy, Concept Development, Strategic Design, Design Education, Research Design  

Deepak Kannal


email: kanaldeepak@gmail.com Art History, Sculpture
Fine Arts



Erstwhile faculty at IDC

K Munshi

1975 - 2016


Product Design , Design Management , Design Methods, Mobility and Vehicle Design

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K Ramachandran
2008 - 2016

Product Design , Design Methodology , Design Management, Mobility and Vehicle Design
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Trivedi, Kirti
1976 - 2014

email: kirti@iitb.ac.in
Graphic Design, Exhibition Design
Indian Design Tradition

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Bhandari, Mohan

email: m.bhandari@hotmail.com Product design,
Pedagogy of Basic Design
Chattopadhyay, M

P474, K Block, New Alipore, Kolkata - 700 053
Phone: 091-044-3096 5071

Product design,
Auto Design,
Lighting Design

Joshi, R K

Visual Design, Typography,
Typeface Design, Calligraphy

Nadkarni, S

Res: Worli, Mumbai

Product Design,
Environmental Design,
Exhibition Design

Kulkarni, Kiran

Product Design,
Basic Design

Sethi, Suresh
2003 - 2005

School of Art, Design and Media Nanyang Technological University, 81, Nanyang Drive, Level 3-22 Singapore 637458
email: ssethi@ntu.edu.sg
Product design, Basic Design,
Lighting Design, Environmental Design




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