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Animation Film-making, Illustration,
Documentary cinema, Visual Ethnography, Storytelling
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Thank You Many Times
In the film Thank You Many Times we spend time with Balapeer in Baroda, Gujarat. It is a grave shrine or Dargah of a sufi saint, Hazrat Balapeer where people from all religions come to make a wish. And when the wish is granted a clock is offered as a token of gratitude. Each clock then carries a story of the pledger’s lack and its timely fulfillment. Less than fifty years old, situated on the national highway, the Dargah has a strong following amongst truck drivers, travelers, locals and owners of sick cattle and job seekers.
The clock, a product of mechanization and a metaphor for chronological time transcends its urban functionality to become a sacred object in a new context.
The film was shot on location between 2006-2013care
My Gandhi Story
Everyone has their own Gandhi story and in this book a Warli atist, a storyteller and an animation film maker come together in a unique collaboration to create a very visual Gandhi story. While Rajesh Chaitya Vangad was inspired to paint Gandhi’s life simply because ‘he was like us’, Nina was inspired by the delightful details in Rajesh’s paintings that she picked and highlighted with 2013 care and Ankit Chadha gave the words to. Like the three creators who make the book, there are three voices that tell the story — of Rajesh the narrator, the questioning child, and Gandhiji or Bapu himself who gives an account of his own life.